Kidspiration, EFL, and FLES- Combine well


Sample Activity Using Kidspiration for L2/ESL learners


  • To use inference skills
  • To make predictions
  • To accurately identify an animal in the target language
  • To apply descriptive phrases in the target language
  • To recognize language in print
  • To recognize oral language
  • To apply descriptions to nouns
  • To organize graphically the ideas of a process 

Target Grade Level- K-12 depending on the role of the student
Can be: Taught whole class and then individually via LingTECHguistics*


Kidspiration 2

Smartboard or In-focus

Process: The teacher will create a web as she discusses with the students the characteristics of a mystery animal. Through the listening and observing of oral and written language, the students will be able to identify the mystery animal after they have gone through the process of establishing characteristics.  This activity can be done in English as a target language (EFL) or in a second language with the proper language tools.

Finished product:

 inference chart