Write 2.0

These sites are great for 21st century writing

skills. You can create your own

rubrics for scoring.

  twitter1 www.twitter.com   Twitter has been under examination a few times. Some people simply do not like specific Microblogging. However, “Microblogging”, or just  stating one or two facts at one time, can be used by teachers to encourage focal writing skills. I would ask them to answer the twitter prompt with concise and clear sentences and grade them based on your own rubric.


What I find most useful from this site is, again, the exposure to focused writing.  You get to answer a specific question in 100 words. The site itself does the word count.  The possibilities for scoring and creating rubrics on this one are amazing.

gaggle  www.gaggle.net– 

What is great about Gaggle is that schools approve it, schools manage them, and students are supervised by whoever administers it at the school level (logically, the IT/ET).  Great for question of the week blogs, tandem student learning via e-mails, and e-collaboration among teachers. No chance for cyberbullying ; internet ethics always under control- Thumbs Up!

chatzy www.chatzy.com

In Chatzy you can create a chat room for you and your students, or fellow teacher. I give it Kudos because it teaches the students that, even when you are chatting, or writing for fun, you can still be scored based on the way you express yourself in script. Great tool for writing prompts and develop written communication and dialogue skills.


WOW! What CAN’T you do with GBook? a) write  b) save  c) share d) edit  e) re-edit  f) send  g) keep  h) bookmark  i) tandem  j) score….The choices are endless..and free. Go for it! Give each of your students a google account and lose the papers…go online!


You get ONE word..and SIXTY seconds to talk about it. It might seem steep, but when I got my first word, it was “ocean”. In one minute that word activated my mind and I found myself  reaching within, instead of trying to add up words. Another thumbs up!

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