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Thanksgiving Day Language Games for ELL and SLA

Thanksgiving is coming up and I searched online for my favorite digital learning tool:  Online cooking games. Arm yourself with a good vocabulary list and you got yourself the best interactive learning experience ever. Add a smartboard, a smartphone, or a touchscreen such as an iPod or iPad and you will make the learning entirely yours. Here is an example from Cooking  Go to “Thanksgiving … Continue reading Thanksgiving Day Language Games for ELL and SLA

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Spanish Thanksgiving Day Activities

Here are some slides to introduce TGD in class for Spanish students of emerging and early levels. I noticed it works for the advanced students too, so why not give it to everyone? This also works for ESL students as they can write the definition of the Spanish term in English. And here are also food lessons for when the visitors spend the night…impress them … Continue reading Spanish Thanksgiving Day Activities

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Spanish and ESL “About Me” Project with Technology

I used Pixie 3 and used the concept of “Pieces of Me”. The students brainstormed what are things that can be broken into pieces. Ex: a) candy, b) pepperoni pizza (??) and a fishbowl. We tried all three freehand. These were the results. Then they were saved as pieces The high-achieving student version took 15 minutes to complete. This student will be the MKO … Continue reading Spanish and ESL “About Me” Project with Technology

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Spanish 101- How not to confuse “hermanos”

An adult student told me that he just couldn’t tell the A/O difference in spoken Spanish. So, I designed this kiddie template to teach him in a very simple way. Can you tell the difference after trying it? <<<Scroll down for answer   1. hermanito (little brother)   2. mamá (mom) 3. hermanas (sisters) 4. hermanos (brothers)   5. papá  6. hermana (sister)  7. hermano … Continue reading Spanish 101- How not to confuse “hermanos”

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3 easy steps to teach L2, foreign language

This sample comes from a K-2 class, but can be exactly as effective for an older audience. Just follow the three steps and their schema (prior knowledge) will build faster. STEP 1- Introduce 6 basic statements in the target language using pantomime, song, rhyme, or a game.  ALWAYS show the written version on the board. NOTE THAT THE SYMBOLS (tildes, question marks) are added separately to … Continue reading 3 easy steps to teach L2, foreign language

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5 more legit online jobs for teachers, writers!

I am again with another update on more awesome writing and teaching jobs that you can do from the comfort of your own home. 1 If you want to talk “futuristic” look no further. Instaedu is a platform to help students that you can access even through your Smartphone. TRUE STORY: I stop at the gas station, and my Samsung phone sends me a … Continue reading 5 more legit online jobs for teachers, writers!

Magnificent Multicultural Night

This multicultural event was a success because I researched every single family’s background in the school and invited them to celebrate them and give it 100%.  I thought they wouldn’t, but they all gave 500%!  Each country wanted to out perform the other, and it was amazing what came out. I will never forget this night, like, EVER.  I had all these amazing people working … Continue reading Magnificent Multicultural Night

New resources: Book Reports /Graphic Organizers, K-5

This is the latest resource I added to my TES shop. There are, I think, 14 pages on this one, but do not get mad if it is less.  Notice that they are all differentiated k-1, 2-3 and 4-5 All of my resources are made with the Wixie and Pixie authoring tool. Continue reading New resources: Book Reports /Graphic Organizers, K-5

Caine’s Arcade Lesson Plan

Now that STEM is all that, your school may be about to do a Caine’s Arcade to celebrate creativity. If you do not know Caine’s story, click here.  If you are familiar with the story, and are currently in the process of creating a game, here is a neat creativity map I created for TPT and TES.  Feel free to browse through my shops and … Continue reading Caine’s Arcade Lesson Plan

🇲🇽Cinco de Mayo Teacher Resources!🇲🇽

Here are 3 lessons I wrote for both TES and TPT.  In one, you get to find the hidden words in “Cinco de Mayo”. The other one is a STOP game, which is even more cool. The third is a presentation that explains Cinco de Mayo in a nutshell.  All are awesome 😏 This is one of the activities in one of the three lessons. Continue reading 🇲🇽Cinco de Mayo Teacher Resources!🇲🇽

Food Unit, Vegan Friendly

No longer the traditional food pyramid! This unit was made after researching the Vegan Food Pyramid.  I included their food choices and added them to the traditional food unit. Then I changed the names of the traditional pyramid foods. Rather than “meats”, I wrote Meat and Alternative Sources of Protein. Same with dairy, I said “Dairy and Alternative Sources of Calcium. I think in the … Continue reading Food Unit, Vegan Friendly

A Bad Case of Stripes Lesson Plan

I created this document, 27 pages long, and on sale on TPT and TES,  for one of my favorite children’s book, A Bad Case of Stripes.  Please check it out and give it a rating!  It contains Word work Science research Social science components A whole lot of stuff I think it is one of my personal favorites! Continue reading A Bad Case of Stripes Lesson Plan

Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) Activity Pack Now Available in TPT

“Muertos” can’t come fast enough for me. Such a beautiful celebration to honor family and ancenstry….and eat, make sugar skulls and have fun.  Here is the latest from my TPT store There will be a part 2 coming up so keep checking for it. As always, feel free to drop a line, or find me in,, or for more ideas or questions … Continue reading Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) Activity Pack Now Available in TPT