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Thanksgiving Day Language Games for ELL and SLA

Thanksgiving is coming up and I searched online for my favorite digital learning tool:  Online cooking games. Arm yourself with a good vocabulary list and you got yourself the best interactive learning experience ever. Add a smartboard, a smartphone, or a touchscreen such as an iPod or iPad and you will make the learning entirely yours. Here is an example from Cooking  Go to “Thanksgiving … Continue reading Thanksgiving Day Language Games for ELL and SLA

Food for Thought: 10 Symbolic Dishes from Classic Novels

Originally posted on eNotes Blog:
Food makes everything better. Using it as a motif, or repetitive symbol, in literature makes reading all the more delicious. Who would not wish to take a bite out of  Madame Bovary’s ultra-chav wedding’s Savoy cake, or know for themselves exactly how bad that gruel was in Oliver Twist. Check these ten famous literature munchies and see why they make great… Continue reading Food for Thought: 10 Symbolic Dishes from Classic Novels

L2 and Math

For this project I upgraded the emergent learners’ lesson to a full-immersion Math lesson. I taught this at the 2nd grade level, giving all students a budget of $3.00.  It was steep because I only have them for 45 minutes.     The goal is: identify, draw, label (accuracy), then create the $3 budget and “compra desayuno” or “compra almuerzo.       After they … Continue reading L2 and Math

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Spanish Thanksgiving Day Activities

Here are some slides to introduce TGD in class for Spanish students of emerging and early levels. I noticed it works for the advanced students too, so why not give it to everyone? This also works for ESL students as they can write the definition of the Spanish term in English. And here are also food lessons for when the visitors spend the night…impress them … Continue reading Spanish Thanksgiving Day Activities

More Spanish Lesson Ideas

Piggbacking on how to ask interview and personal questions in Spanish, my students continued to come up with creative ideas as to how to divide them into “pieces of me”. I must say they impressed me. Maquina de Jugetes “The Claw” *** I did a “VEO VEO” or “I SPY” game with this one where they circled or checked out the found object on the … Continue reading More Spanish Lesson Ideas

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Spanish and ESL “About Me” Project with Technology

I used Pixie 3 and used the concept of “Pieces of Me”. The students brainstormed what are things that can be broken into pieces. Ex: a) candy, b) pepperoni pizza (??) and a fishbowl. We tried all three freehand. These were the results. Then they were saved as pieces The high-achieving student version took 15 minutes to complete. This student will be the MKO … Continue reading Spanish and ESL “About Me” Project with Technology