Homework Help: Death of a Salesman- How is a character influenced by his or her environment? Enotes.com

For this, and all kinds of homework help, visit me at http://www.enotes.com/people/herappleness and also hundreds of awesome educators ready to answer your questions in science, lit, math, you name it! One of the best examples of a character being molded by his environment is Bernard, Charley's son. This is especially apparent when contrasted to how the environment molded Biff.... Continue Reading →

Using the Burger Diagram for Spanish projects

To teach a whole "about me" monologue in L2, I decided to use my Classtools.net subscription and try out the Burger Diagram. Get yours at http://www.classtools.net/widgets/burger_3/JKcNT.htm. Do not mind the lack of tildes. This is my brainstorm final product, so have some mercy 🙂 Now, bear with me. I have already posted several mini lessons using... Continue Reading →

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