Sleep Break

Wanted to give a #shoutout to the @influenster program and to the #zzzquil promotion #ad. Very insightful info about how people’s sleep patterns affect aspect of their life, including diet, learning, and daily activity. I received a sample of their product today and was pretty impressed. So, rest and give your bodies time to reload!  Continue reading


St. Valentine’s Day- Día de San Valentín- ESL/Spanish projects

LingTECHguistics goes heart-sy! I think that, at times, I have an unhealthy fascination with Valentine’s Day. It all begins in mid-January. After that, everything from that day on turns red, pink, and heart-shaped. This lesson was made using http://www.cryptogram.com, a website where you create your own candy hearts. At first, I did the slide myself to conduct a lesson…

History Break

HISTORY BREAK: Viking Sword Found!!!! Hiker finds 1,200 Year Old Viking Sword in Norway

How bloody cool is this!?!?!?!?!?!?! Hiker finds 1,200 Year Old Viking Sword in Norway Posted By: David DeMarPosted date: October 26, 2015in: Breaking NewsNo Comments A leisure hiker taking a stroll near the Norwegian fishing village known as Haukeli recently stumbled across a miraculous find: a 1,200 year old sword dating back to the Viking … Continue reading