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IT'S CINCO!!!!! Variety of colors to choose from! Coupon available WEEKENDDEALZ. Thanks for looking at it! 🙂 I am new to Zazzle so please forgive me. its my #teacherssidegig 🙂


🇲🇽Cinco de Mayo Teacher Resources!🇲🇽

It’s time for Cinco! Repost! #cincodemayo

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Here are 3 lessons I wrote for both TES and TPT.  In one, you get to find the hidden words in “Cinco de Mayo”. The other one is a STOP game, which is even more cool. The third is a presentation that explains Cinco de Mayo in a nutshell.  All are awesome 😏

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This is one of the activities in one of the three lessons.

Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 8.11.14 PM

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Cinco de Mayo Sale!!!

Check out the activities in TPT! ON SALE!  How many words can you ake from the words "Cinco de Mayo" This poster is to be placed outside the classroom and have everyone have a go at it. The clue is included.  

Prepositions 🤬 (English & Spanish)

FACT: Students detest them. Teachers detest them. Sometimes they feel like teaching multiplication tables. This unit will bring the love back. I promise. Check it out  All prepositions in English and Spanish are posted along with activities. 12 pages total.  

Best ESOL practice sites/ GACE test practice link

Land of Lingtechguistics

Here’s a list of places to go and chat with people who want to speak to others in a different language for about 10 minutes per day.  As I always say, always keep your personal info to yourself, and go have a great time!

ToonDoo! Best for dialogues!- Can’t say enough good things!

Speaky.Com -Chatroom based practice


BUSUU- 10 minute practice in any L2


CoffeeStrap -Virtual coffeehouse for L2 learners


Lingoglobe – L2 language communitylingoglobe

ESOL GACE test practice

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Caine’s Arcade Lesson Plan

Now just $1! Get your STEM lessons crafted to perfection with this lesson plan!

Land of Lingtechguistics

Now that STEM is all that, your school may be about to do a Caine’s Arcade to celebrate creativity. If you do not know Caine’s story, click here. 

If you are familiar with the story, and are currently in the process of creating a game, here is a neat creativity map I created for TPT and TES.  Feel free to browse through my shops and let me know if you want a special pricing so many people can use it.

The whole file is about 16 pages long and has a key!


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