Should grammar be taught in L2?

This is part of an answer I provided  Should you teach grammar with L2, or just "go with the flow?" That is the question! The universal consensus is that you should teach any foreign language completely, along with its rules, meanings, proper and ethical usage. The rationale behind this is that language is never... Continue Reading →

Sexuality in Turn of the Screw

The speculations of sexual depravity and abuse have always been at center stage at in Henry James's The Turn of the Screw.  Read further on what sexual hysteria, a condition which Alice James (Henry's sisters) also suffered.

Homework Help: The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne- Describe the narrator’s description of the demeanor of the spectators and the words of the women in The Scarlet Letter.

For this, and all kinds of homework help, visit me at  and also hundreds of awesome educators ready to answer your questions in science, lit, math, you name it! Hawthorne definitely shows scorn toward the women of the village, hinting in a succinctly satirical tone, which is typical Hawthorne fashion, at their lack of sophistication, their... Continue Reading →

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