Continuing with the food Unit, we decided on "Sopas" because the creative projects will be more ecclectic. We included nutrition facts, Creativity suite, Pop Art, and other mini lessons. For this one, we kicked off with Pixie 3 and followed this lesson. First we used KIDSPIRATION to produce this webThen we switched to PIXIE 3... Continue Reading →

Inspiration and Kidspiration Webs as Language Learning Tools

Teaching with concept webs in L2. The rationale of Vygotsky, ZPDs and the Affective Filter As a believer in constructivism and scaffolding, I also believe firmly in Vygotsky's ZPD theory¬†(Zone of Proximal Development), which states that students should be pushed to a next level once a skill is acquired. When we teach second languages it... Continue Reading →

Kidspiration, EFL, and FLES- Combine well

Sample Activity Using Kidspiration for L2/ESL learners Objectives: To use inference skills To make predictions To accurately identify an animal in the target language To apply descriptive phrases in the target language To recognize language in print To recognize oral language To apply descriptions to nouns To organize graphically the ideas of a process¬† Target... Continue Reading →

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