L2 and differentiation: centers galore!

The hot topic of differentiated instrruction entails that all teachers, L1 and L2 alike are expected to do the following:set up individual goals by student, and by level of abilityconference one on one with studentsstudents must be grouped by ability, ensuring a combination of low, mid, highKUD, RAFT options should be available (Sternberg)1. After setting... Continue Reading →

A rationale for LingTECHguistics*

The LingTECHguistics* methodology consists on teaching second language (L2) lessons in full immersion through a sustained affective stimulus. This stimulus consists in a developmentally appropriate computer activity. The rationale behind this methodology is that students will be : a) Exposed to second language vocabulary in a real-life scenario b) Exposed to technology whether familiar or not, in... Continue Reading →

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