L2 and differentiation: centers galore!

The hot topic of differentiated instrruction entails that all teachers, L1 and L2 alike are expected to do the following:

  • set up individual goals by student, and by level of ability
  • conference one on one with students
  • students must be grouped by ability, ensuring a combination of low, mid, high
  • KUD, RAFT options should be available (Sternberg)

2012-01-30_13-05-27_611. After setting up the goals for the week, make a list of skills based on standards.

2. Go to different sites *such as Pinterest* and pick an activity for different levels of the same skill.

3. Place on each center:

  • Rules for the team
  • Materials
  • A leader’s badge (select the leader from the roster to ensure they all participate)
  • Rubric for self-assessment
  • Directions for the leader to explain to the group


4. On a separate table, show work samples with different grades.  More than just the rubric, the samples help students understand how others understand the same rules. Moreover, it helps them fill the clean slate by finding inspiration in the works of others. I personally make my own samples, one bad, one medium, one good, and one great.

variety sample
variety sample

5. Prepare a vocabulary center and have it in plain view in many parts of the classroom. A mobile, white erase station works best.

vocab table
vocab table

Tech component: Here we see how the mobile vocab white erase board is so useful to move around from center to center. If there is one at each center it is even better for word work.

Computer center
Computer center

As students work under the guidelines of the rubric, all that they need to do is give you the finished products via their team leader, or place them inside a box or folder right there on the center. This is  the best way to assess skills by differentiation.


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