EFL/Spanish Food Shopping Project

Prior to introducing food vocabulary I use http://www.ecookinggames.com.  I also use Supermarket Sweep. For the latter, I print screened the four different food menus of the game and will make them my vocabulary. I also made the slides into vocabulary slides. The difference is that this time they are divided by food groups. Since there... Continue Reading →

A rationale for LingTECHguistics*

The LingTECHguistics* methodology consists on teaching second language (L2) lessons in full immersion through a sustained affective stimulus. This stimulus consists in a developmentally appropriate computer activity. The rationale behind this methodology is that students will be : a) Exposed to second language vocabulary in a real-life scenario b) Exposed to technology whether familiar or not, in... Continue Reading →

Foreign Language Programs Statistics

Useful Statistics for FLES and Foreing Language information in the United States numberofschoolsanddistrictsbystate These statistics are compiled from the Center for Applied Linguistics, and are updated constantly. These are the most recent as of 2006. If you want to use these statistics, please cite as: Center for Applied Linguistics. (2006). Directory of foreign language immersion... Continue Reading →

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