EFL/Spanish Food Shopping Project

Prior to introducing food vocabulary I use http://www.ecookinggames.com.  I also use Supermarket Sweep. For the latter, I print screened the four different food menus of the game and will make them my vocabulary.





I also made the slides into vocabulary slides. The difference is that this time they are divided by food groups. Since there are so many foods to choose from, I focused on the most popularly found on ecooking games. I also included commonly purchased foods that I can find anywhere and bring as living samples to the classroom.


carnesygranos_Page_2 frutas y vegetales_Page_1

frutas y vegetales_Page_2

We then use this vocabulary and apply it to realia, making shopping lists for each individual student or group that they can identify and add to a shopping bag. After that, they do extended activities with Math such as adding and subtracting the “price” of each item. The list of prices should be made ahead of time and with whole numbers, depending on the skill of the student.


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  1. I was wondering what website you got those pictures from, specifically how you accessed that? In grade school, my Spanish teacher used to have my class play that game and we absolutely loved it. I was just wondering where I could find it. Thanks.

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