Mas Dia de los Muertos/ More Day of the Dead Activities

One of my students' favorite activity packs, this one they built on Pixie 3, and/or Wixie.   They get to build an actual altar dedicated to an ancestor or pet no longer among us.  Then they get to decorate the sugar skull that I had made to show in class.  Find the blank forms in my... Continue Reading →


Continuing with the food Unit, we decided on "Sopas" because the creative projects will be more ecclectic. We included nutrition facts, Creativity suite, Pop Art, and other mini lessons. For this one, we kicked off with Pixie 3 and followed this lesson. First we used KIDSPIRATION to produce this webThen we switched to PIXIE 3... Continue Reading →

Spanish/ESL project ideas using Dollgames

Dollgames are are word-less, silent, often print-free flashgames that focus on one skill. It could be creating a virtual dish such as These games actually follow true recipes. Hence, they can be used by adults as well. Ecoooking Learning parts of the house The fun does not end there. There are also games dedicated... Continue Reading →

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