Spanish/ESL project ideas using Dollgames

Dollgames are are word-less, silent, often print-free flashgames that focus on one skill. It could be creating a virtual dish such as These games actually follow true recipes. Hence, they can be used by adults as well.


Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 3.54.40 PM

Learning parts of the house

The fun does not end there. There are also games dedicated entirely to decoration. They often come with background music, which lowers the affective filter and allows for new vocabulary to be learned more effectively while it is being applied to the activity (the sustained stimulus).

Dollhouse deco games
Dollhouse deco gam

Using this site I was able to create this project:


For animal softies:

Language is more effectively applied through relevant tasks that inspire and engage the student. These flashgames also include science/social studies traits such as ethically treating animals.

Animal games
Animal games

After we got the vocabulary down, we were able to produce this slide to show and to work as a template:

Animal worksheet for smartboard using Pixie 3
Animal worksheet for smartboard using Pixie 3

Specific Language

Students who gear toward medical intelligence, kinesiology, or other similar fields will find Hospital Games as a great way to infuse ESP (English for Specific Purposes), and even English for the Job. It also involves the science component to the lesson and provides a good way to explore new areas of interest.

Hospital games
Hospital games

These are the very traits that a good language infusion game should have. The teacher, peers, flashcards, and vocab cards take the place of the language in the game, making it fully-interactive.


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