St. Valentine’s Day- Día de San Valentín- ESL/Spanish projects

LingTECHguistics goes heart-sy! I think that, at times, I have an unhealthy fascination with Valentine's Day. It all begins in mid-January. After that, everything from that day on turns red, pink, and heart-shaped. This lesson was made using, a website where you create your own candy hearts. At first, I did the slide myself to conduct a lesson... Continue Reading →

Annotated Bibliography: Technology integration

Al- Fudail, M.; Mellar, H. - Investigating teacher stress when using technology. Computers & Education (51) 3 p. 1103-1110     This mixed-model study aimed to explore whether there is a significant and quantifiable build up of stress among teachers who are using technology in the classroom. The rationale behind the study is to determine whether the stress does... Continue Reading →


Technostress:  Symptoms of anxiety caused by the use or the thought of use of technology. It does NOT have to happen to you. Do YOU need a converter box as much as your soon -to- become -digital TV?- Check out some Web 2.0 application listings courtesy of the Web 2.0 itself! Easy to manage, search, and... Continue Reading →

No Worksheet Zone. #GoGreen!

 says: Go GREEN!  can show you ways to save on paper, and make your class "go online". These resources are fantastic to create activities online free of charge. Dig in, enjoy, and tell everyone that you saw this on LingTECHguistics*! Helps you create interactive activities.  Instead of paper and pencil tasks, how about creating an... Continue Reading →

More L2 online resources!

I take my classes to different online spots and you are welcome to check out some models that you can also follow for your own lessons CLICK ON ANY OF THE ICONS and you might even see our very own work in many of these sites!  My LingTECHguistics program begins with WWW.MYHQ.COM where I do digital bookmarking... Continue Reading →

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