St. Valentine’s Day- Día de San Valentín- ESL/Spanish projects

LingTECHguistics goes heart-sy!


I think that, at times, I have an unhealthy fascination with Valentine’s Day. It all begins in mid-January. After that, everything from that day on turns red, pink, and heart-shaped.

This lesson was made using, a website where you create your own candy hearts.

At first, I did the slide myself to conduct a lesson on colors and numbers in Spanish.

  •  slide142

Then, it occured to me that, given the correct terminology and exposure to the KEY WORDS to be heard, the kids could easily do this slide, or something similar, themselves.


  1. Practice the LingTECHlingo prior to the lesson. Emphasize that the LingTECH words today will be a) abre  b) corta  c)pega  d) abre   e) guarda   f) cierra- Remember to ALWAYS do this LingTECHlingo along with the students so that the kinesthetics do the job of remembering commands
  2. Introduce the Valentine’s Vocabulary , use this one if neccesary.   The focal word will be “Corazón”  (the word that they will hear most consistently)presentation1

3. The Sustained Affective Stimulus will be creating the hearts at While you do the activity together, have them write the color on the correct heart and save the heart:  KEY WORDS:  Escribe el color, guarda el corazon- As you do the excercise together, repeat these commands at least 15 times with them.

4.  Now, use the command “abre el documento” to open a PPT slide. Make sure you have it already in a shortcut so it does not become a nightmare.

5. Copia el corazon y Pega el corazon en el documento =Copy paste. Model it, then have them do it with you, continue repeating the process and the phrase.

6. A very simple way to wrap-up the PPT is by simply pasting the hearts as they come, and the have the children type in a very simple Spanish phrase where they, again, repeat the focal word: Corazon/Corazones, and the names of the colors.



The sentence above should read “Mis corazones son: Morado, verde, azul, rosa, y amarillo.

**It might seem as a pretty small and simple sentence, but if you break it down, it includes a conjunction “y”, the colors, the name of the shape in plural and the basic writing rules of colon, caps, and punctuation.

This activity is perfect for ESL learners as well.  I hope you can use it. If you do, please write back and let me know how you modified it to your students’ needs.

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