Technostress:  Symptoms of anxiety caused by the use or the thought of use of technology.

It does NOT have to happen to you.

Do YOU need a converter box as much as your soon -to- become -digital TV?- Check out some Web 2.0 application listings courtesy of the Web 2.0 itself! Easy to manage, search, and discover!  Interactive- Amazing- Complete Web of all the tools available- Easy to maneuver as well

 go2web20–  Another kitchenskink full of wonderful Web 2.0 applications

simplespark  Another great blog by Don Hinchliffle’s blog where WEB 2.0 applications are not only explained but also categorized by use. Real helpful and visually organized.

designelements_nextgen_web2– A really enjoyable blog also dedicated to the Web 2.0 and openly mapping the needs and level of use of applications. Another greatly organized document.

The Web: It CAN Happen to You!


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