No Worksheet Zone. #GoGreen!

golden-apple says: Go GREEN!

 lingtechguisticsjpeg1can show you ways to save on paper, and make your class “go online”. These resources are fantastic to create activities online free of charge.

Dig in, enjoy, and tell everyone that you saw this on LingTECHguistics*!

classtools1– Helps you create interactive activities.  Instead of paper and pencil tasks, how about creating an interactive Venn diagram, or a dashing taxonomy without the use of ink?  golden-applerecommended! Create, study, read, and print flashcards in UP TO 6 LANGUAGES! Like the site says: “Eat Flashcards for Breakfast”.

tag-galaxy1 Amazing interactive thesaurus that gives you the simile of the word you type in a planet cloud. Recognizes second languages as well. Very cool.

visuwords -Another interactive dictionary which categorizes words by family, connection, relationship, and figure of speech among other things. I like it because it makes students read, stop, and think.

wordlenet– Create lovely tag clouds in customized colors. golden-apple recommends that you pick any 5 spelling or vocabulary words and have the students create a tag cloud for each one to ensure understanding and learning.  Quite interesting and noteworthy tool!

spelling_city_logo1  www.spellingcitycom– Enter your words, and test the students on them. They have to write the target words in a black space which grades them. In the end, they get both feedback and a score. Tremendous green tool to save on copy paper and pen! Not available in Spanish– Your homework, practice, lessons, and worksheets made in arcade form! Make it all from wordsearches to steps to a process; ESL invited in as well!

sen1 – Imagine never using a Sharpie again! This vector-type generator creates the cards right in front of you, changes the font, size, and style as you wish. golden-applerecommends that you have your students build their own study cards in English or Spanish using SEN!

protopage1– This site, like most LingTECHguistics* sites, is not a language webpage. In LingTECHguistics* you make do of whatever is available to immerse the language. This is a very easy page to create a homepage for yourself. You can use LingTECHguistics* and the LingTECHlingo* to give directions to the students on how to create the page. You can integrate colors, numbers, and LingTECHlingo* to make the experience truly linguistic and educational. Check outs at


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