Most asked college homework questions

Who was Heinz Hartmann, and what were his contributions to the field of psychology?   Heinz Hartman is a Viennese psychiatrist and psychoanalyst from the Freudian school. He was born in 1894, and, as a Freudian, he based all or most of his theses on the foundations proposed by Sigmund Freud in terms of analysis of the inner psyche of all individuals. Coming from a … Continue reading Most asked college homework questions

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5 more legit online jobs for teachers, writers!

I am again with another update on more awesome writing and teaching jobs that you can do from the comfort of your own home. 1 If you want to talk “futuristic” look no further. Instaedu is a platform to help students that you can access even through your Smartphone. TRUE STORY: I stop at the gas station, and my Samsung phone sends me a … Continue reading 5 more legit online jobs for teachers, writers!

5 REAL Online Tutoring and Writing jobs (part 1)

With so much pink-slipping going on, our government is doing a great job inviting teachers to go look for work elsewhere. “Elsewhere” DOES exist, and I am here to give you my 5 favorite online earning sites for teachers. ENOTES  I am a top 10 educator for To join, you have to demonstrate your knowledge by aiding students in answering their questions. This is … Continue reading 5 REAL Online Tutoring and Writing jobs (part 1)

You Don’t Know Dickens

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7 lesser-known facts that may make you see the beloved author and philanthropist of the Victorian era in a new light… by Michelle Ossa 1. He suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from his time at Warren’s Shoeblacking Factory and Warehouse At the age of 12 Charles Dickens suffers a life-changing event that forever marks his life. His father, John Dickens, was arrested… Continue reading You Don’t Know Dickens