5 REAL Online Tutoring and Writing jobs (part 1)

With so much pink-slipping going on, our government is doing a great job inviting teachers to go look for work elsewhere. “Elsewhere” DOES exist, and I am here to give you my 5 favorite online earning sites for teachers.

Enotes for teachers and students
Enotes for teachers and students


I am a top 10 educator for http://www.enotes.com. To join, you have to demonstrate your knowledge by aiding students in answering their questions. This is not like “Yahoo Answers”; only the best answers are eligible for Enotes criteria if you wish to be selected as an Enotes educator. Once selected you can submit lesson plans and materials and be paid 1.00 for each. Answering and writing assigned content is where the money is. For each important question (Soc. Science, Business, Lit, and History) you answer, you are paid $4.00 if the answer is well-developed and cited with sources. Other topics, such as Reference, Language Arts, Homework Help, answers are paid $3.50. Non-“starred” (premium user) answers are paid $2.00. Enotes will bonus your answer if it is extraordinary with both points and money. My best month was July, when I made 640.00 that month alone, only answering questions. Granted; I genuinely love literature and I am a good academic writer. I also know my spelling and grammar to the T. You have to be good to be on Enotes.


Wyzant Tutoring
Wyzant Tutoring

Wyzant Tutoring

Wyzant is like a scouting program for tutors who are qualified to tutor in specific academic areas. You have to qualify for each subject area by taking a test. It is a 10-question test. Then, they will do a background check on you (you can speed up the process by paying $7 and do it yourself through the site). While you wait to get approved, take your tests and provide whatever they ask you to provide to show that you can tutor in that field. It can be in SAT Reading, or even in Photography. Just document and you will do great. You get free promotional supplies, such as downloadable presentation cards, flyers, a blog, a QR CODE!!!, and each time you invite people you make points redeemable for iPads and other things. I got my first client within hours of being approved. WyzAnt is very particular about protection and they will tell you what NOT to share while engaging with a client for a potential hire. I give it a thumbs way up.


Viewpoints reviews
Viewpoints reviews

Viewpoints reviews

This is not an academic site per se, but you can earn points (redeemable for Christmas gift cards, hello?) by giving a well-written review on products you own, or websites that you visit. I happen to love to say my say, so I love going there and posting my viewpoints as much as I can. You can earn 25, 50, or 100 points per viewpoint depending on what it is. Also, they bonus you if you do it professionally. There is no “right or wrong” here. They do not reward you for being “nice” to name brands, but for being honest. They get another thumbs up from me.


Elance for freelancers
Elance for freelancers


This site is a bit riskier in that it is not as “for sure I will get something” as the other three, but it gives you a wonderful chance to do what great writers do best: freelance. This scouting company offers free promotional freelance writer cards from Vistaprint (-got mine!), following through LinkdIn, and ample opportunities to find freelancing work in many academic areas. I enjoy the search there, and I love the fact that I am a freelancer through Elance.



Sign up as a Yahoo! Contributor

Yahoo Contributor Network

This is one of my favorites for sure. When you go to Yahoo, stay away from the “usual” and type in “Contribuitor Network”. That is a whole other ballgame. The YCN lets you post content of your own (like here), or do assigned tasks (like Enotes). You do get three types of pay but I will not reveal what they are until you go to the Yahoo Academy and graduate as a writer for Yahoo. The Academy is a free schooling service for online writers and O-EM-GEE do you learn!!! I am currently a Level 3 graduate, which is the top honor, and people go straight to me first because I took the time to train. Do it yourself. You will love it too and, dude, you will learn a LOT.

OH! That was 5 already? I have more! So stick around for my “part deux” installment of “Top Teacher Jobs Online”. Until then, adios!


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