5 more legit online jobs for teachers, writers!


I am again with another update on more awesome writing and teaching jobs that you can do from the comfort of your own home.


1 www.instaedu.com- If you want to talk “futuristic” look no further. Instaedu is a platform to help students that you can access even through your Smartphone. TRUE STORY: I stop at the gas station, and my Samsung phone sends me a text asking whether I am available to help with a lesson via TEXT. I jumped back into my car, accepted the lesson, and right there on my screen pops up an interactive whiteboard. There was a spot showing me, another showing that the student was typing…and there it was. The student sent me a paragraph to help her edit it. When I finished helping her (at the gas station, sitting on my car), and after I answered a couple more questions, I thanked her for using the service. Then, a message came up saying the time I spent on the task, and that the student paid $15 dollars for the service. This means that, prior to getting the task, the student already had put down the money–I just did not see that because I was new to the technology. But, yes, I made $15 while stopping to get a Twix bar and a Gatorade. Now, Instaedu can also work from your desktop computer. I recommend that you download GoogleTalk (Hangouts) so that the EDU mentors can forward you the pre-paid lessons that students need. Once you accept what they send you via Hangouts, you ask the student to push the “set up the lesson” button and you are on your way. Any payment for lessons goes straight to Paypal immediately. They are pretty good with that.


2. www.textbroker.com – This is a site that scouts for writers and teachers from all walks of life.After you sign up, provide a writing sample and the folks at TB will give you a rating. If you are classified as a level 1 or 2, you can write short articles (very short) at up to 2 dollars each. If you classify as 3, you can write articles of up to 350 words for up to 5 dollars per article. Now, if you classify as 4, you can write longer articles that can range from 7 dollars all the way to $100 depending on who needs you. You do not need to have traffic; these are set-up jobs available for people who need content written for blogs and websites. Try it out today. You do need to submit your IRS form in order to get payment. It is no doubt, since the money you accumulate grows fast! Payments go through Paypal or you can request a check.


3. www.justanswer.com- Formerly known as Pearl.com, this is a very legit question and answer website where experts (or highly knowledgeable people) from every professional area can sign up, provide credentials, and wait to be accepted. It does not take long to get your answer. Once a “Pearl Expert” you can answer questions posted by users. If you get a positive feedback score, you will get compensated for as much as the user offers which is posted before-hand. Now, the thing I like about this site is that the users seem to be mature, more and “put together”, offering sometimes 40-60 dollars to have their questions answered. These are not simple questions mind you: Teachers may be asked to coach a student throughout a long essay, or provide a simple answer to a difficult question. My experience, so far, has been superb. I have made a network of 7 happy clients whom I coach, and who are quite grateful students. If you keep it professional, and develop your own “brand” within the site, you should be good to go. Payments are through Paypal.

NOTE: I have seen a recent backlash online rating JA as a bad website. Remember that JA has many categories of help, and  I am specifically speaking on the Essay, Tutoring, and Homework help categories. I attest to the fact that I am a legit tutor working there, and my work has been legit and my clients (now going on 10)  are very happy. 


4.www.studypool.com- Formerly known as LikePlum, Studypool is a wonderful resource for students to get help with homework. It works particularly well for Math homework, since lots of the SP tutors are Math experts. The student can choose to pay for the answer, post it, and wait for the tutors to place bids. The student selects the tutor and they get to work. Students that cannot pay can still post their question under “free, short answers”. Tutors who answer these questions can get a tip from the student (sometimes as little as 25 cents or as much as 11 dollars, which happened to me once). The tutors who answer free questions also get something: points to enhance their avatars–everyone wins. I have seen how SP has grown. It is secure, pays very well, and the students are very smart; they just need the extra help from a willing teacher. Payments are arranged through Paypal invoicing.


5.www.homeworkmarket.com- Homework market sounds like a place for students to have others do work for them, but it is not. It is actually another tutoring site where students ask specific teachers directly, or post their questions to be answered by teachers who also place a bid to be accepted. When the student accepts, that tutor works one on one with the student via email and using the ongoing resources available in the site. It is a zero-plagiarism guaranteed website, as most of the tutoring sites are, so there will be zero tolerance for use of copyrighted material. Like with other bidding sites, students place a price on what they need and the payments are handled by Paypal, and students can place a down payment to secure your services. This is a great site for Freshmen in college and for students about to graduate High School.



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