ELL and Foreign Language Tech Project Idea

I started out the year with a combined ESL /FL prOject using PPT where I apply the same vocab in English and Spanish depending on the group. It is based on common core. If you are interested in acquiring it, click on the picture and follow the link to my document area. This is just... Continue Reading →

Spanish and ESL “About Me” Project with Technology

I used Pixie 3 and used the concept of "Pieces of Me". The students brainstormed what are things that can be broken into pieces. Ex: a) candy, b) pepperoni pizza (??) and a fishbowl. We tried all three freehand. These were the results. Then they were saved as templates.pizza pieces The high-achieving student version took... Continue Reading →

Using Pixie 2 for L2 lessons

Feliz Navidad con Pixie 2   Pixie 2 is a program license from Tech4learning designed to involve skills which include a) typing b) fine motor drawing and coloring using the mouse c) research and critical thinking through the search for clip art and stationary d) the production of relevant and meaningful activities. However, it can... Continue Reading →

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