Spanish and ESL “About Me” Project with Technology

I used Pixie 3 and used the concept of “Pieces of Me”. The students brainstormed what are things that can be broken into pieces. Ex: a) candy, b) pepperoni pizza (??) and a fishbowl. We tried all three freehand. These were the results. Then they were saved as pieces

PIEZAS DE MIjpegcandy
Student version- Pixie3- Freehand “Candy Jar” Concept

The high-achieving student version took 15 minutes to complete. This student will be the MKO to train the next. I give the entire project 45 minutes to complete in one class session. The answers were practiced for two weeks straight prior to the final product.

pizza piecesjpg
Teacher made template “Pepperoni” concept

The third concept was the Fish Tank. We are still working on it 🙂


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