Using Pixie 2 for L2 lessons

Feliz Navidad con Pixie 2
Pixie 2, from Tech4learning
Pixie 2 is a program license from Tech4learning designed to involve skills which include

a) typing

b) fine motor drawing and coloring using the mouse

c) research and critical thinking through the search for clip art and stationary

d) the production of relevant and meaningful activities.

However, it can be used perfectly for L2 education by offering the vocabulary words already prepared in a slide (no translation underneath, just the symbol and the word), and then add the items to a new project.

Prepared using stationary
Use “SHAPES” from the left hand side menu of the print, then select stationary.

After the students practice the vocabulary, add accents where they are needed using the Smartboard.  Pixie is a bit problematic adding symbols such as accents.

Using stationary, select the black and white outline for the Christmas tree and assign pictures to be added to the tree. Have the students color the items that they added to the picture and record themselves saying the items.

Activity after introduction
This tree can be found on the "stationary" part of the page. Add the text that you wish for students to follow directions.

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