How Padlet can Save Your Life

What Is Padlet? Padlet is, according to the site,  a virtual wall. It is like a micro organizer, cataloguer or pinner. It is a "Pinterest of words and links and stuff." I cannot explain it. For sure, I can tell you that it is free to use and it is super flexible. You can get... Continue Reading →

Learning L2 through print rich familiar texts

I tried this project as yet another way to teach food and ordering in restaurants to my FLES students. I tried the same with my EFL learners in English and it worked wonders. I saved it as a template, then as a PDF, and as a word doc to offer a variety of ways to... Continue Reading →

Spanish/ESL project ideas using Dollgames

Dollgames are are word-less, silent, often print-free flashgames that focus on one skill. It could be creating a virtual dish such as These games actually follow true recipes. Hence, they can be used by adults as well. Ecoooking Learning parts of the house The fun does not end there. There are also games dedicated... Continue Reading →

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