How Padlet can Save Your Life

What Is Padlet?


Padlet is, according to the site,  a virtual wall. It is like a micro organizer, cataloguer or pinner. It is a “Pinterest of words and links and stuff.” I cannot explain it. For sure, I can tell you that it is free to use and it is super flexible.

  • You can get a hyperlink to share with a unique URL
  • You can get collaborators involved
  • You can print or email your work
  • You can personalize everything with icons, themes and wallpapers (some cost extra)


1. Journaling

Each entry I make tells my work day and interventions. This way I keep track of what I did each hour and I can use it as documentation.  You do not have to write a testament. Just state who you serviced and when. P
erfect for those “claims” of non-service that interventionists often suffer unfairly from.


 2. Student Observations

Open a padlet for each one of your students, and make them their own padlet for noteworthy things, such as interventions that worked or notes for your own documentation. You can include pictures, websites, links, and photographs of finished projects.


2. Clip your resources

You have the option of adding links. Padlet will prepare a preview pic of all that you save. It is easy to share too, because of the  “SHARE” button.


3.Save your Presentations

They are all freshly pressed and preserved without having to buy memory or a storage closet or cloud space. Click the link, your unique URL and there u have it!


4.Save and share your lesson plans

Why print where you can save and pull up whenever you want? Just make sure to share your unique URL with your supervisor and have fun with it.


5.Store assessments!

Add them as you go!


6. Save DATA!

Add info on each of your kids, add graphs, make symbols and keep track of progress. They can even do it themselves


There is PLENTY more you can do! Try it yourself and send me some pointers too!


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