L2, ESL, and Spanish projects and ideas

Spanish made simple: Pixie, Google filters, and accents

For this project the skills were quite simple: Using ALT shortcuts to learn accentuation. Searching for Spanish clipart (Google search in Spanish) Applying vocabulary Creating a worksheet for their own practice. The final products were used for class instruction. EXTENDED ACTIVITY: Create an order using specific Spanish commands (English for ESL/ELL) Describe the packaging of … Continue reading

L2, ESL, and Spanish projects and ideas

St. Valentine’s Day- Día de San Valentín- ESL/Spanish projects

LingTECHguistics goes heart-sy! I think that, at times, I have an unhealthy fascination with Valentine’s Day. It all begins in mid-January. After that, everything from that day on turns red, pink, and heart-shaped. This lesson was made using www.cryptogram.com, a website where you create your own candy hearts. At first, I did the slide myself to conduct a lesson … Continue reading

Articles and Research on L2

Annotated Bibliography: Technology integration

Al- Fudail, M.; Mellar, H. – Investigating teacher stress when using technology. Computers & Education (51) 3 p. 1103-1110      This mixed-model study aimed to explore whether there is a significant and quantifiable build up of stress among teachers who are using technology in the classroom. The rationale behind the study is to determine whether the stress … Continue reading