Spanish 2.0 using

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You do not need a FLES site to LingTECH through languages: Check out some of my projects using basic JAVA sites. This ecard and avatar Java site lets your students interactively carve a pumpkin. After the carving (the sustained affective stimulus), do a print screen (directions at the end of this page) to create a document that can turn… Continue reading Spanish 2.0 using

Spanish 2.0/EFL/ESL- Lesson with autoshapes

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My favorite thing to teach is colors. Colors are everywhere and in everything. Yet, of all the color lessons that I have taught in English, Spanish, German (ages ago), and French, one of my favorite central topics is  the gumball machine. Lesson Plan Objective:  To teach target lingo (colors and shapes) and Lingtechlingo using a Sustained Affective Stimulus of creating gumballs… Continue reading Spanish 2.0/EFL/ESL- Lesson with autoshapes

EFL/Spanish Food Shopping Project

Prior to introducing food vocabulary I use  I also use Supermarket Sweep. For the latter, I print screened the four different food menus of the game and will make them my vocabulary. I also made the slides into vocabulary slides. The difference is that this time they are divided by food groups. Since there are so many foods to choose from, I focused on … Continue reading EFL/Spanish Food Shopping Project

Spanish made simple: Pixie, Google filters, and accents

For this project the skills were quite simple: Using ALT shortcuts to learn accentuation. Searching for Spanish clipart (Google search in Spanish) Applying vocabulary Creating a worksheet for their own practice. The final products were used for class instruction. EXTENDED ACTIVITY: Create an order using specific Spanish commands (English for ESL/ELL) Describe the packaging of each product using a web Compare and contrast similar items … Continue reading Spanish made simple: Pixie, Google filters, and accents

Spanish/EFL projects by Pixie 3

One of my favorite working software programs, Pixie is not only versatile but quite creative. I vouch that all my students, younger and older, love to use it. For this project, I saved a template where the students will describe in detail what their restaurant will be like. As they opened the template they were able to pre-read and answer. After this, they were linked … Continue reading Spanish/EFL projects by Pixie 3

St. Valentine’s Day- Día de San Valentín- ESL/Spanish projects

LingTECHguistics goes heart-sy! I think that, at times, I have an unhealthy fascination with Valentine’s Day. It all begins in mid-January. After that, everything from that day on turns red, pink, and heart-shaped. This lesson was made using, a website where you create your own candy hearts. At first, I did the slide myself to conduct a lesson on colors and numbers in Spanish.   Then, it occured … Continue reading St. Valentine’s Day- Día de San Valentín- ESL/Spanish projects

Annotated Bibliography: Technology integration

Al- Fudail, M.; Mellar, H. – Investigating teacher stress when using technology. Computers & Education (51) 3 p. 1103-1110      This mixed-model study aimed to explore whether there is a significant and quantifiable build up of stress among teachers who are using technology in the classroom. The rationale behind the study is to determine whether the stress does occur, and to use these observations to determine the … Continue reading Annotated Bibliography: Technology integration