Spanish/EFL projects by Pixie 3

One of my favorite working software programs, Pixie is not only versatile but quite creative. I vouch that all my students, younger and older, love to use it.

For this project, I saved a template where the students will describe in detail what their restaurant will be like. As they opened the template they were able to pre-read and answer.

el restaurante_Page_1After this, they were linked to Look under “decoration games”, and select the SECOND page. There will be the restaurant game there.  Go to::

el restaurante_Page_2Allow students to fill out the information prior to moving to http://www.mmydressupgames. This way they will already know what to look for.

Afterwards, they created a menu based on what they said about their restaurant. My older students looked for pictures on Google using filters.  This one I had made before and I am re-posting as an example.

el restaurante_Page_3Extension activities:

  • Using Spanish terms, they all received a budget of an average of $10 each.
  • Within that limit, they were asked to make orders.
  • Then they paid with fake money and practiced making change.

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