Spanish 2.0/EFL/ESL- Lesson with autoshapes

My favorite thing to teach is colors.

Colors are everywhere and in everything. Yet, of all the color lessons that I have taught in English, Spanish, German (ages ago), and French, one of my favorite central topics is  the gumball machine.


Lesson Plan Objective:  To teach target lingo (colors and shapes) and Lingtechlingo using a Sustained Affective Stimulus of creating gumballs with ‘Autoshapes’ into an animated PPT.

Target lingo: The colors

LingtechLingo: Abre (open), cierra (close), aprieta (click), lleva (drag), inserta (insert), colorea (color), busca el color (search for the color..), escribe (write/type), cambia (change)


Step 1: Introduce the target lingo, post it for all to see, practice it once with repetition, discuss.

Step 2: LingTECHlingo-  Using the computer, each student at a computer, practice kinesthetically the LingTECH process. Demonstrate first, then have the students do it along with you.  Do as third time to see how much they’ve grasped.






If you try or modify this project, please drop me a line to see how it worked in your class.

Hope this is helpful!

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