Spanish 2.0/EFL/ESL- Lesson with autoshapes

Spanish/EFL tech lessons

My favorite thing to teach is colors.

Colors are everywhere and in everything. Yet, of all the color lessons that I have taught in English, Spanish, German (ages ago), and French, one of my favorite central topics is  the gumball machine.


Lesson Plan Objective:  To teach target lingo (colors and shapes) and Lingtechlingo using a Sustained Affective Stimulus of creating gumballs with ‘Autoshapes’ into an animated PPT.

Target lingo: The colors

LingtechLingo: Abre (open), cierra (close), aprieta (click), lleva (drag), inserta (insert), colorea (color), busca el color (search for the color..), escribe (write/type), cambia (change)


Step 1: Introduce the target lingo, post it for all to see, practice it once with repetition, discuss.

Step 2: LingTECHlingo-  Using the computer, each student at a computer, practice kinesthetically the LingTECH process. Demonstrate first, then have the students do it…

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