Free TOEFL Test Practice Sites

The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is given to students who have not graduated from a US High School, or have attended a non-US college, and are interested in pursuing Higher Ed studies in the United States. 

This is the breakdown of the test

Listening 30 to 50 40

to 60 minutes

adaptive short conversationslong conversations


Structure 20 to 25 15

to 20 minutes

adaptive fill-inserror recognition
Reading 44 to 60 70

to 90 minutes

non-adaptive insert sentence

one best answer

 click on text

Writing 1 30 minutes non-adaptive a topic given to you

A typical graduate program that is competitive would want to see a score of over 600 under the new scoring system, although anywhere from 400-550 is also acceptable. 

Here are some awesome free practice sites for the TOEFL test that are sure to help you succeed. Click on the links and get instant access to them!

Complete access to TOFL practice test 


Speaking test practice from English Test Store

Speaking, 3 leavels from English Test Store


Structure and Written Expression


Structure and Reading Test


12 different sample tests from GraduatesHotline


Grammar Practice from Learn for Good


Grammar practice from


Toefl IBT CourseTest from the TOEFL site


Entire test practice from Test Den


Entire test practice from 4 Test


Practice tests from Test


Reading 2 from Defense Language Institute


Speaking Practice:


Speaking test practice from English Test Store

Speaking, 3 leavels from English Test Store

Listening Practice

Listening 1: General from Defense Language Institute

Listening 2: Photographs from

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