Teaching Spanish by batch words

We used batches of related words connected by colors to teach fast-paced Spanish K-6. These walls will become bigger as the year goes.

Pink Words- Survival Spanish

Basic spanish phrases a.k.a. "pink words"
Basic spanish phrases a.k.a. “pink words”

Green Words- Interview words/ Orange- Answers to common questions

Interview questions and answers to common questions
Interview questions and answers to common questions

Blue- Unit words- These are the word walls that will grow on and on as the unit progresses. We are just in unit 1, so this is what will be shown in the first part of the room.


Yellow Words- Greetings and routines

daily routine words

Daily Routine words

The lessons are divided into the three sets of words.  Yellow review- 15 minutesPink- 10 minutes. Green and Orange10 minutes. Blue- 20 minutes. The assessment activity will be a part of the 20 minutes.

By now the students are using words such as “¿Dónde esta el papel? or “Necesito un lápiz”



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