FREE ESL practice for SPEAKING (and listening) online

Remember these resources?

Made with Padlet

Not long ago, I posted about how I keep my resources saved and stored in my Padlets. Check them out now if you want! 

❤️ I got you some extra ESL ❤️

Here are MORE ESL practice sites that can help you in every standard area of life.



THE ESL ROBOT!  The English Tutor is already an ANDROID app that can easily be accessed in other platforms. However, check out that, here online, you can also practice with the robot interactively!

Talk English

talkeng This site combines speaking, reading and practice English lessons with options to purchase packages and stuff.

The Media Lab!

Speaking and Listening exercises

The English Media Lab is precisely that: Like a home coach for speaking English. Headphones required! FREE!

Rachel’s English


Rachel’s English is a interactive site where the teacher, Rachel, will fous on American English pronunciation of common terms.

Even more sites!

I have several resources I have listed over the years, but this year I have found sites that help you READ, WRITE, SPEAK and LISTEN in English as a new learner. It is incredible.

Most will be shown to you in my public PADLET,  so just CLICK ON THE LINK,  follow the pictures and see the descriptions. All will show what each site does, and how to work on each.

There is a total of over 200 sites listed, and they are ALL FREE.  My favorite is this one, which shows  verbal, written and spoken exercises!


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