Super Easy Día de los Muertos for your class!

Muertos is Here!

87A296E1-FF86-4552-8D81-B07D4AE2B358 I give you the easiest, cleanest, cheapest way to make Día de los Muertos sugar skulls.

Get this: DB17750E-8782-4C66-AF75-CAA2FF19C7D0.jpeg

Mix it all in a ZIP LOCK bag to avoid a mess. Once it, massage through the sugar until it makes clumps that are NOT WET, just compact.

Get ice cube molds of skeletons or use the proper MUERTO ones from Joan Fabrics or Michaels.

Use gloves or bare hands (dry, sanitized) to pack the sugar mix hard.

“Spending the Night:”

Next, Get a piece of cardboard to rest your sugar skull. The skull will “spend the night” on the cardboard to dry overnight.

Bienvenido al Mundo de los Vivos

As you unveil the skull, play a game. I usually count to 3 in spanish and say “Welcome ______ to the World of the Living”

And, voila!

They will start To dry provided it is not raining. Humidity is a sugar skull’s enemy. Use regular frosting and make sure they understand everything about the face:

Happy colors, themes of nature, smile, upside down heart for a nose, and big, flowery eyes. 



Enjoy the bonus accidental pics of me and the Axoltl! Have a wonderful celebration!


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