Correlations chart for second language acquisition, brain activity, and classroom work

Part of the Brain





· Broca Area

· Frontal Lobe: Front of the brain

· Memory, emotions, motivation, execution and planning of activities

· Rote memory exercises

· Cloze tasks

· Journaling “How do I feel today”

· Class challenges

· Memory retrieval

· Activating prior knowledge

· Inferencing

· Connecting emotions to tasks

· Increasing motivation.

Wernicke area

· Temporal lobe: Middle and back of the brain

· Auditory cortex (hearing)

· Hippocampus (processing of sounds and frequencies)

· Musical activities

· Intonation exercises

· Reading aloud

· Rhyming exercises

· Poetry

· Listening skills

· Connecting sounds and symbols

· Relating words to how they sound

· Intonating properly

Post Central Gyrus

· Parietal Lobe towards the back/right hands side of the brain

· Signals pain, pleasure, temperature, sensations, and feelings

· Integrate kinesthetic

· Relate words to the five senses

· Tasting/ hearing/ touching tasks

· Using realia

· Connecting word meanings to actual feelings and sensations

· Connecting the five senses to the lesson and bring more meaning to the words.

Inferior parietal lobule

· Parietal Lobe; central location connecting visual sensory, and the auditory cortexes


· sensory, somatosensory, and auditory cortex

· Focused activities where students will listen and learn to appreciate the sounds and pronunciation of words.

· Discriminatory listening activities

· Appreciating the similarities and differences in language pronunciation

· Learning correct intonation and accents

· Engaging mouth muscles in verbal activities


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