Food 2.0 – “La Comida”

Here are some projects that I have done with the use of the Web 2.0 to teach Spanish as a second language via Pixie 2

Topic:  La Comida (Food)

Grade Level- Kdg-1st

Application:  Pixie 2               pixie2

Process: The students will learn 10 names of food, write them, find their picture, and label them accurately.

ME gusta comer

Using the LingTECHlingo* “aprieta,  busca,  corta, pega, escribe, and cambia el color” the students had a repetitive and highly focal activity to enrich their first 10 vocabulary words.

Useful phrases to teach

Me gusta comer:  (I like to eat)

Mi comida favorita es :  (My favorite food is)

Project 2 application:

Choose 10 ingredients from the list on the site.

<!–[if !supportLists]–>1.<!–[endif]–>Drill and practice the 10-15 ingredients.  Then divide the students in groups of 3 randomly.

<!–[if !supportLists]–>2.<!–[endif]–>One student will be the “waiter” and the other two will place the order using the vocabulary, and the phrase “Por favor, queremos una pizza con” : All pairs must use the vocabulary.

<!–[if !supportLists]–>3.<!–[endif]–>After placing their orders, the “waiter” should repeat the order again. Once the order is “in”, rotate the group so that another student can be the waiter, and so on.

APPLICATION: Each student will re-build their pizza at WWW.VIVALAPIZZA.NET, and will build a pizza.  They will then describe the pizza and print screen it in a Power Point presentation. 

METHOD Useful foods to teach:

  • Use the school menu/ restaurant menu/ fast food menu

  • Have the students read over it first, then mark which foods they can recognize (even if they are new to the language)

  • Have them discuss the pronunciation, and ensure there is a MKO (more knowledgeable other) student in the discussion groups that can lead by example.

  • Have each group choose 10 foods ( have at least 3 groups) and write a list of the foods they selected. Start with those, then switch to the staple foods “on the textbook”

Other projects

Using Pixie 2
Students practiced adding up by creating “prices” for these items.

 This project was made by two first grade students sharing the computer, using Pixie 2Made with Pixie 2 painting tool

To include Math skills, L2, and technology

Students who are naturally inclined to create their own clipart can opt to use the “draw” feature. The following project was by a student, age 6.

Draw pic

Other students focused on one meal of the day and based their “plates” on what they often consume.


Students were paired by level of ability to produce this project. Grade 2

Favorite Foods
Favorite FoodsEl desayuno

 Students are always paired up by differentiated level of ability.


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