Spanish project idea: Preparando pizza

I used Pixie 3 to focus on the main skills:

  • ID the main components of pizza (our food unit)
  • Divide them into vegetales, frutas, carnes, pan
  • Put together a creative piece
  • Elicit student sentences by providing a template.
Project with Pixie 3
Project with Pixie 3

PStep 1, refresh the names of possible meats, veggies, cheese, etc. Divide them. PS: Tomatoes and Mushrooms are swapped on this one.

preparando pizza_Page_2Have the kids fill out the template first so that they can read complete sentences later.

preparando pizza_Page_3

Always show the completed project ahead of time so that they can get a grasp of what is expected. I did this piece in front of them and asked them to give me other options to make it look real.

After the project they filled out a rubric where they had to determine their level of comfort and confidence using this vocabulary outside the classroom. We will return to this lesson using a Math (making change, counting) component and then revisit the vocab again.


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