Spanish 101- How not to confuse “hermanos”

An adult student told me that he just couldn’t tell the A/O difference in spoken Spanish. So, I designed this kiddie template to teach him in a very simple way. Can you tell the difference after trying it? <<<Scroll down for answer



1. hermanito (little brother)   2. mamá (mom) 3. hermanas (sisters) 4. hermanos (brothers)   5. papá  6. hermana (sister)  7. hermano (brother)  8. hermanita (little sister)

See if you can match them  now: 


Not too bad after you get the hang of the O= male and A=female. ITA-LITTLE FEMALE….ITO-LITTLE MALE

Now try and make sentences telling how many of each you have…and the names of your parents (se lllama).


Not too bad at all! 




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