3 easy steps to teach L2, foreign language

This sample comes from a K-2 class, but can be exactly as effective for an older audience. Just follow the three steps and their schema (prior knowledge) will build faster.

STEP 1- Introduce 6 basic statements in the target language using pantomime, song, rhyme, or a game.  ALWAYS show the written version on the board. NOTE THAT THE SYMBOLS (tildes, question marks) are added separately to call student attention.

Teach at first with songs
Teach at first with songs


Model the answers and add illustrations. Ugly or pretty, read out the answers.

model answer


STEP 3: Transfer the lesson onto paper/pen/computer


Repeat the reading aloud. Tape it if needed and re-play. Do 3-6 basic questions statements at a time until they are mastered.


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