Spanish 2.0-LingTECHguistics creating buttons

My favorite site for creating logos, buttons, scrolls, and other promotion images is: cooltext.

I designed the LingTECHguistics* logo, all of my webpages buttons, and countless other things using CoolText – absolutely free.

Here is a sample Spanish 2.0 LingTECHguistic lesson in which the Sustained Affective Stimulus is the button application of CoolText. 

Objectives: The students will learn the targetlingo, “shapes” , in Spanish through the SAS of  CoolText.

The students will create a PPT slide with hyperlinks using LingTECH and Target lingo under 100% or 90% Spanish full-immersion.


1. Go to

2. Select “buttons”- Follow along the project  below:










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