Technology Integration in L2


is the rationale behind


The process of mixing language, education

and technology never got any easier.

These are fantastic sites that HELP YOU InTECHgrate into the 21st century.


You mention it, they got it. This is a fantastic site for every school subject. Lessons and ideas for everyone.


Great site for checking out plans and resources for cross-curricular integration.


If you are teaching DIAGRAMS and graphing, this is the place to get it done ONLINE.


Resource database with tutorials on tech integration, lesson plans, and more ideas for the classroom using the Web.


The site itself tells you that it “helps teachers use the Internet effectively. Check it out. It works!


This is a great site for teaching the process of research and writing research papers.  Very organized and visual resource tool.


This is a McGraw-Hill student help website with the goal of increasing Language Arts and Math skills across the board. Fantastic skill and project-based website that everyone can use.


This site offers specific pictures often related to unit themes across the curriculum.  It is like an image search, only more academic.


If you use tech4learning products, then Recipes4Success will give you their standards-based lesson plans with all sorts of other resources.


Create great rubrics online for your projects.


If you need a place to e-collaborate with colleagues, this is one of the very very best. You can make notes, create graphs and much more.


Interactive Whiteboard resources. I am a huge user of the Starboard in my lessons, and if you ever run out of ideas, this is it for you.


Get out of the classroom without leaving the room. This is a service from Internet4classrooms and it is sure to keep you interested for a long time.

voki-logo http://

I love VOKI for language learning, because you can create a world (avatar) in which you can leave commands, words, and monologues in whatever language. You create a character, and go from there. Try it!

I hope this is of help. Always  check out Not shameless self-promotion at all; just a “lesson wrap up”

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