LingTECHlingo* (n)- The basic vocabulary to be introduced by total immersion, without translation, and by TPR during a LingTECHguistics* lesson.




Rationale of the LingTECHlingo*:

Using commonly- known computer terminology that is ambiguous in common vocabulary (etc: open, close, cut, pase, etc) helps students make quicker language connections.  Even if the student is not familiar to the computer terminology, the kinesthetic practice that MUST be performed during the lesson will help them understand what the action is.

During LingTECHguistics*-

Ensure that all the students are at the computer doing the same activities as the teacher.

The teacher will say complete sentences using the computer terminology in the target language.

The sentences will be demonstrated and repeated at least 10 times per step.

Each new step that is taught will be introduced as the previous step is repeated and demonstrated.

This enables the student to a) learn the process through kinesthetic learning  b) internalize the process through kinesthetic learning  c) associate the L2 terminology to the kinesthetic process,  d) conceptualize and, hopefully, retain the word through the use of the computer.

That is the purpose of the methodology of LingTECHguistics*


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